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Used Ford Explorer Rear Axle for Sale

The most common rear axle in the Explorer by Ford is 8.8. These were for sale is all of the versions built since 1991. A difference in the spline gear is one thing that SUV owners will notice. There are only 31 teeth compared to a smaller number on rival auto company axles. The size of the shaft is 59.5 inches. You can find a used Ford Explorer rear axle for sale right here at AxleGuys.com.

Axle with Disc Brakes or ABS

Ford was still using the regular disc brakes when the first generation Explorer was built. There were millions of installations with this type of speed control. Depending on the model year of the SUV you have, the brakes must be known. The rear CV axle has a lock differential. Most of the units built after 1995 were converted to ABS (anti-lock brake) systems.

A whine sound in the rear end could mean that gears are damaged. Leaks are way too common from the bolt cover. Oil that comes out of this area will surely dry out the chamber. This is how even a dependable Ford Explorer SUV can stop working. People who do not want to spend time or money at an auto body shop opt to do a do-it-yourself install of the 8.8 rear axle.

Explorer Rear Axle Ratios

There is a base size that is found on most of the V6 Cologne enabled vehicles. The stock gear ratio is 3.73. This was pretty standard although a 3.27 was also added to some production years. The 4.10 is the biggest of the gear ratios in early and late model Explorers. The change to using the larger V8 was the reasoning behind this move. A 3.55 was the lowest rating for the differential with an 8-cylinder engine.

A big percentage of people end up getting ripped off on the Internet. This happens because of buying worn out assemblies. The solid shaft could be bent. The spline gear threads can also be contorted. Missing teeth are common with the gear set. There are so many pitfalls that some people just try to find a rebuilt 8.8 axle.

Price for Explorer Rear Axles

People shop here because of the used products. Yes, these are second hand parts. The secret is taking them out of a vehicle that is not too damaged. Taking the unit apart piece by piece is always a supervised activity. Ensuring the lubrication is checked, tested and then drained is important to know. You will find the updated pricing through our Axle Guys price app.

Go into this tool and take out the price you will pay. You can use your smartphone. You can look it up on your tablet. We do not care. For people who love good old fashioned phone calls, we let you get details that way also. Our staff each has decades of over-the-counter retail parts sales. Let us help you get your Explorer fixed and running again.

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