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Subaru Forester Rear Axle

The Forester by Subaru used left and right rear axle shafts with all trim levels when for sale in the United States. The base, LS, premium and turbo editions were coupled with the standard CV boot style assemblies. If you are working on your vehicle, you can remove the Subaru Forester rear axle shaft and swap it with a better one. Axle Guys can help you find quality inventory right on this page.

Forester Differential Gear Ratio

The regular setup from the factory is what most people stick with. While as a vehicle owner, you are free to modify the gear ratio if you choose. The 4.44 gear ratio works with the rear end in the Forester. The cost of the differential is separate from purchasing just the rear axle assembly. You have to remove the unit before any swap is completed any way.

Nearly all of the read end components were non locking. This means that the wheels spin freely without any resistance. The used Subaru rear axles that we have on sale through this website were factory produced. These are in no way an aftermarket or reman product. Actual Forester and Legacy vehicles are dismantled and the components are then retailed.

If you have a Lineartronic CVT transmission, the differential might lock or it might be a regular unit. All of this information is great to acquire before you start doing your own in-house repair job on your AWD vehicle.

Subaru Junk Yard Parts

AxleGuys.com has only one type of inventory: this type is second hand. While the actual stock part is an OEM, it might have surface rust on it. Cleaning is completed whenever possible through the yards and agencies that we work with. Nothing is stored in our own warehouse because there are millions of parts related to vehicles that we have no room to carry.

The warranty plan that is attached to all used Forester rear axle assemblies will cover you in most scenarios. The term and limitations of each policy are what you should review before you decide to place your web or phone order. You can and should swap out your own parts to save a little money over dealership prices.

Prices for Subaru Rear Axles

Using what we give you here online, you are able to find out what incentives and discounts are currently available. Use the year of your vehicle, its engine size and the transmission information. We instantly match up what we can get for you in our computer system. You are given a special price and information on how to order. It could not be easier.

Our service department associates even help you over the phone if you have questions. Try us before you go to an auction company or other portal when you are looking for a Forester rear axle used.

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