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NP271 Transfer Case for Sale

The transfer case known as the NP271 was for sale in Dodge and Ford vehicles. The F250 pickup as well as the bigger F-Series utilized the part-time and 4WD options that the New Process units offered. The Ram pickup truck was another vehicle that greatly benefited from the precision. You can find an NP271 transfer case for sale while shopping this Axle Guys resource.

The chain drive system is a 1.5 inch version. What is different between a vehicle installation is the size of the spline gears. Chrysler vehicles can have either a 23 or a 29 input spline. This is very different from Ford Motor Company that relied on 31 and 34 splines. Ordering the right model will ensure a successful installation.

The gears in in the NP271 case are listed as 2.72:1. This is the standard for most 4×4 vehicles to make certain that high and low torque is available. In most cases, using automatic transmission fluid is recommended to keep the assembly properly lubricated. In fairness, OEM parts do work best when these are maintained by each owner.

A manual shift option was produced for some truck types. The type of gearbox that a vehicle has will determine which of the New Process Gear assemblies is required. Judging the exterior of a unit is not the best way to determine if it will fit or not. Matching the part code and VIN number is something that AxleGuys.com will do automatically for each consumer.

Parts Warranties for Case Assemblies

The rebuilt and preowned units that a person can order using the features on this website come with a warranty for parts. The length of the plans will be determined by the type of assembly purchased. The rebuilt models have a longer term compared with ones that are removed and sold as second hand.

A quick activation of the coverage plan is always necessary to enforce the terms of the agreement. It is not safe anymore to trust an eBay seller or a local retailer that does not provide some form of parts coverage. AG works with the very top junk yards and salvage companies that pull out parts for consumer distribution.

Buy Replacement NP271 Cases

The locator on this page is very easy to use and enter into. Even if a vehicle identification number is not available, a match can still be made using the basic automobile information. At a very minimum, the engine size, gearbox and year of automaker production should be provided.

Once all of this data is collected, an automatic price is displayed here. A call that goes into our customer service department can also help someone quote a sticker price. Getting through to a reliable person who can assist with an order or other details is never a problem here. All orders are guaranteed under the terms of sale.

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