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Ford Escape Rear Differential for Sale

The differential that is used inside the Ford Escape was for sale with ABS brakes. Before you swap this system, you have to check compatibility first. Ford Motor Company has produced no less than seven trim models of its compact SUV. Here at Axle Guys, we can match you up with a Ford Escape rear differential for sale that is in used condition and ready to ship.

Complete Rear Shaft

Inside of the Escape, the rear axle assembly is a complete shaft. There is no separate left or no separate right rod. You do connect the wheels through a bracket, but only the front CV shaft is two pieces. The cast metal alloy axle is strong, but can be bent in an accident. Most of the wrecked Escape trim sport utility vehicles will have a broken or bent shaft assembly.

The differential that is hooked to the shaft is what you probably want. There is only one stock gear ratio for the gasoline engine powered ones. The Hybrid uses the same gearing. You are free to change the actual ratio if you want, but most people are happy with the Ford OEM setup.

We have used rear differentials and axle shafts for the Escape with these trim levels:


The 3.0 and smaller motors were common in the compact automobiles. The automatic transmission is what most vehicle owners have. Ensuring that everything is linked together and working right will prolong the use of any second hand differential assembly.

Complete Parts Warranty

When you buy on this website, all of the components that you order come with a warranty. We offer this for more than one reason. The first reason is to be different. We know we are competing with eBay, Craigslist and other directory websites. None of them, to our knowledge, give any type of warranty apart from a ripoff guarantee. The second reason is that consumers deserve to be treated fairly.

There is nothing that someone has to do when an order is placed. The activation of the term protection is automatic. The policy is shipped with the product. For the length of the coverage, all parts are covered and if something breaks we will take care of it. It could not be a simpler process to understand.

Prices for Used Ford Differentials

Our complete inventory does include Ford Motor Company and all of its subsidiary brands. The Escape, Mercury Mariner and other vehicles that used the same differential gears and shafts are what we support. We have some of the leading junk yards in our supply network. We call these groups up daily and arrange deliveries into our warehouse.

Get our full discount prices when you use our tools we provide. Just choose the engine size, transmission type and your drivetrain setup and you are on your way to reviewing sticker pricing. Once you are satisfied and ready to order, our staff will happily take your phone call. Our toll-free number is distributed with all communication that we send to you.

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