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Used Rear Axle for Mustang

You can replace the axle in the rear of your Mustang with a used shaft. You have full freedom to change the gear ratio if you choose. There are standard rear ends and those built for performance. The choice you make will determine how much horsepower and torque is available during acceleration. Buy a used rear axle for Mustang cars here at AxleGuys.com.

Mustang Ring Gear Sizes

The length of the shaft is uniform, but the ring and pinion are not. Even in the vintage Mustang cars, Ford depended on a couple of different sizes. Someone who says that they have an 8.8 rear end is a reference to the ring gear. The next standard size is 7.5. On a complete differential, these measurements encompass the disc brakes and drum brakes too.

The standard cover that will attach to a used Mustang axle is an 8 bolt or 10 bolt cover. The wheel lug pattern is generally a 5×5. The spline threading is usually provided in two sizes to complement the diameter of each shaft. A 28 or 31 spline is what people ask for.

Axle Ratios in Mustang Cars

The vehicles built in the 1960s through 1980s were created with a basic 2.73 ratio. This provided more torque at start up, but it dropped off after the car was in full speed. Ford Motor Company then switched to the 3.08 to give more top end to drivers. By the time the 5.0 was built in the 1990s, the gear ratio was 3.27 for the Mustang differential.

Additional ratios that improve on-road performance include the following:

Most American automakers use these stock ratios as well as other ones. The beauty of being a consumer is that you are not tied down to what the OEM setup was. You get to make the changes you want without taking away from your current performance level.

Buy Used Ford Mustang Axles

We have the front type. We also have the rear type. If you need more than the shaft, take a look at our bearings and used Mustang rear ends too. You always get what you need shopping with us. You do not have to dream anymore about saving money on expensive parts. We price everything lower than most stores because we deal in preowned products.

We administer pricing through a quote tool found on this page. Go inside of this system to view the arrangement. We ask you for your car year, size of your motor and what transmission that you have. This information gets compiled in real time online. You will never wait to review what the discount off the MSRP will be. When you are ready, please call our service number to follow through with placing your order.

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