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NV245 Transfer Case for Sale

The NV245 is a New Venture Gear transfer case for sale with most Jeep vehicles. Depending on the final drive system, a Quadradrive II or Quadratrac II system could be installed. The compatibility is what is important when someone will change out a case assembly. Axle Guys makes it possible to find an NV245 transfer case for sale that is shipped promptly to the USA and Canada.

There are two speeds in the electronically controlled NV series. Each of these offers the precise level of gearing required so that breaks or chipping does not occur. The full-time drive capability of the New Venture class of cases requires steel clutch plates.

4×4 Rear End Parts

The mechanics between a transmission and transfer case are important. Each model is geared appropriately. Chipped teeth are common when fluid dries up. The most common complaint among Jeep Cherokee owners is slippage of the case assembly. The smell of burned up gears is hard to ignore and fluid issues are quite common.

The four-wheel drive system is essential to maintain. AxleGuys.com works with salvage and secondary market suppliers to secure better condition inventory. This means working with people who remove used NV245 transfer case units and preserve them for shipment. It is quite expensive to buy a rebuilt version.

Preowned New Venture Gear Cases

The rear end, axle shaft, bushings and other parts that ensure a smooth rotation of the assembly are equally important. A good mechanic can assure someone that all parts are in working order, but no one can determine how long each unit will last. For the sake of simplicity, a warranty plan is among what comes with each shipment to consumers.

The internal gears, output seal, flange and sector roller are just some of what is covered under the protection plans. This is one additional assurance that ordering a replacement NV245 is a good decision. Exact details on what is not written into the coverage plans can be inquired about before an order is processed.

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It is too time consuming to call each and every junk yard across the nation just to ask about a specific part. The reality is that most companies destroy parts that are older than 1990 right now. To buy a Jeep transfer case through this AG portal, go into the quote computer and examine the pricing that is offered. Once this is completed, anyone can follow through with order placement.

Customer service is always available whether or not a consumer places orders. The staff that answers phone calls and e-mails are highly qualified. Not too many people understand the drivetrain of a modern day SUV. Getting help before you swap a t-case can and will save you some money in the long run. Try our quote process or speak to our representatives by phone now.

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