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F550 Rear Axle for Sale

The F550 Super Duty trucks often used a Dana 80 rear axle. The size of the ring gear is surprising to some truck owners. Instead of the standard Ford size, the 14.25 gear is massive. When you need to replace the rear end or just the shaft, you will need to use OEM components. Let AxleGuys.com find you an F550 rear axle for sale on this page.

Ford Dually Axles

The bigger the F-Series number, the larger the rear wheels. The torque is also improved over the smaller pickup trucks. The Powerstroke is just one motor that was input into the F550 SD trucks. The typical dual axle is a Dana 80 style. You will identify this by the 10 lug design. These can be pulled off and swapped just like any other pickup on the market.

Before you go and drop the rear end, you need to know the size of the differential and the bearings. It is common to think that you might only need a one shaft axle size. When you do finally get in there, you could have a real mess on your hands. Most truck owners have to budget 25 percent higher to compensate for the need for extra parts.

F550 Rear End Gears

The huge ring gear is part of the drop out differential. This system was made by Dana/Spicer. The typical cover size is a 12 bolt cover. The spline can have 30 or a 34 thread. This is very common in the dually axle configuration. There are two stock configurations for gear ratios.

Your F550 truck can have one of the following ratios:


Some people do not rely on auto mechanics to do general drivetrain repairs. Since components are still available, a couple of hours of time is generally all that is needed to get a truck up and running again. The complete units on sale on this website are ready to install.

Buy Used Ford Rear Axles

The F-Series Super Duty trucks are part of what we support for consumers. We know these pickups are big and bad. You should not pay ridiculous prices when shopping for a used Ford rear axle online. AxleGuys.com takes its inventory straight from the scrap yards where we do business. These are American companies, but we can ship up to Canada.

A price is what you get to explore while visiting us. Choose your model year, size of transmission and some other specs in the system. What is configured is your exact sale price. Take note of the details and then call us to order. You can place an order by phone. We are here seven days a week to help the general public. Lock in your discount price now.

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