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Used Ford Ranger Rear Axle

Ford used its Ranger truck with three axle types when it was for sale. The categories for these assemblies were either open differential or a limited slip. The shaft is what people really want to order if the other parts are working OK. Understanding how to read the tag ID is not always an easy process. A used Ford Ranger rear axle for sale is what people can buy here at AxleGuys.com.

Ratios for Ranger Rear Ends

Taking the concept of gear ratios into consideration will help with choosing the correct shaft type. Even though the differential is a separate unit, getting the gears in line will pay off in the end. There are common and less common pinion gear measurements.

In the Ford Ranger truck, the following ratios can be coupled along with the replacement shafts that are here on this website:


There are only three rear ends that were utilized in light-duty trucks. These are the 7.5, 8.8 and the 6.87. The exact axle code is given on the door tag or on the stamp on the assembly. If you do not have a Ford parts manual handy, it will be very difficult to find out which part you actually need.

Ford Truck Gear Change

Drivers who have the need to swap the gears out will need to examine the existing ones. The teeth may or may not be damaged yet. Ensuring that the case is filled with the right oil will keep things lubricated. Each truck produced had its own OEM requirements. This included the V6 and I4 engines that were used with Ranger vehicles.

We can help you get the right width of a shaft when ordering. We guarantee that no bending or other defects are on each model. The units in stock have been procured using scrap yards throughout America. Extra care is taken to find used axle parts that are excellent in condition.

Buy Ford Ranger Rear Axle Parts

Get to know our inventory. You might need bearings, shims or other components. When doing a differential swap, it does not have to be expensive. The 9 inch or other sizes that we are able to supply you with will fit nicely. Very few retailers even specialize in second hand auto parts. Our dedicated team knows everything about Ford replacement axles.

Price data exists here when a quote is requested. Consumers spend no time on getting one though. In a second or two, the discount is supplied as well as the mileage for the pickup where the axles were removed. Under normal circumstances, we offer to pay for the shipping for consumers. Ask us this when you get your quote. You have everything to gain when searching in our warehouse today.

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