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Used Rear Differential Ford Explorer

Ford used many different rear differential gear ratios in the Ford Explorer. A typical ring gear size is the 8.8. The shaft is normally a 31 spline. This ensures a correct fit on the right and left side. The independent rear suspension (IFS) was the technology utilized in all trim versions of this SUV. On this website, you can buy a used rear differential for Ford Explorer.

Explorer Gear Ratio Types

Do you need more power in your vehicle? What you can do is change up the OEM gearing to supply more take off. The model year that you have will likely use a number of gear ratios. In the early 1990s, Ford started of light with the 4.0 liter Cologne engine. As more engineering took place, a varying number of ratios were developed.

The most common gearing for rear differential in Ford Explorer SUVs includes the following:


These types of set ups were not limited to the 4×4 or AWD models. The factory made rear end assembly did include ABS on each side of the unit. In a regular scenario, you might need to swap more than just the ring and pinion gear inside the differential.

Drivetrain Parts for Explorers

The rear bearing assembly and its shims could be required on a routine installation. After you pull off the rear axle, you might notice some excessive wear on related components. This would be the time to pull off these products and replace them. Trying to get a few more miles out of poor condition components is never the best idea.

The 1991, 1993, 1997 and 1998 vehicles are know to have a stock configuration. As Ford introduced new power behind the V6 motor block, interior elements were revised. The Dana 35 or 30 IFS axles used in the front of the vehicle can break too. Knowing when to pull the rear end out and modify it is a learned skill. It takes years before some people develop a good DIY work ethic.

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Ford Motor Company is one of the brands we carry. All components are stock. These are never rebuilt and are always in preowned condition. Building a better company involves creating positive relationships with secondary sellers. AxleGuys.com has a full-time and experienced staff of workers who handle our day-to-day activities.

You can buy used Ford differentials by clicking through the quote center here. You must tell us what the year of your SUV is and transmission size. This must be known prior to reviewing the price quotation that we will prepare for you. When all of this is complete, call to place an order if you are happy with what we present to you. We welcome junk yard reps, auto owners and shop mechanics who are replacing worn out differential parts.

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