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NP241 Transfer Case for Sale

The NP241 is a two-speed transfer case made for sale in Dodge, Jeep and Chevy vehicles. This model is a mechanical or automatic shift design that features a slip rear yoke. The chain drive system is common for most of the 4×4 enabled components. The casing is constructed of aluminum. Get an NP241 transfer case for sale using this AG portal.

Before someone swaps a New Process Gear assembly, knowing the spline gear count can be a huge help. There are 27, 29 and 32 models that were produced. Having the wrong size gear is frustrating and unfortunately is a common mistake. One thing to know is that a well lubricated case is something that will last for a long time.

Sometimes, a part number will be listed as an NP241C. The ‘C’ determines that it was used on Chrysler manufactured vehicles. The use of this part type was meant for medium-duty automobiles. Checking the part number on an older unit and matching it with a replacement is the best recipe for avoiding mix ups when ordering.

The regular bolt pattern is a 6 bolt design. Depending on the year of assembly, there could be slight variations in manufacturing. Since the NP assemblies were built for multiple vehicles, the gearing, torque and other specs might be different. One thing for sure is that a rebuilt or a used NP241 can be found using this website.

New Process Parts Warranties

All consumers who install a secondary market part are susceptible to some type of failure. This is just a reality in the automotive business. What AxleGuys.com and its suppliers try to do is to ease the minds of the public. By instituting a basic warranty plan, most of what might fail in a high mileage component might be covered.

This is the plan that saves the average person some serious money when a repair job is required. Most mechanics charge several hundred dollars just to diagnose a problem and provide a solution for replacement. All replacement NP241 transfer cases in stock come with standard warranty terms.

Buy Used Transfer Cases

Please specify reconditioned or preowned when asking for a price quote on this website. This will help determine what the final price will be that includes the freight fees. Every supplier has its own terms of sale, and this information will be passed along to a consumer when an order is eventually placed.

Axle Guys offers use of its quotes tool on this page. It is fast. It is simple. It is always accurate. No information that is considered personal must be entered in the computer database in order to review the current price list. For additional help, use the forms of contact that are listed on this page.

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