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NP208 Transfer Case for Sale

New Process built the NP208 case assembly in 1981. It was for sale in General Motors, Ford and Dodge motor vehicles. It does use a chain drive system unlike some of the newer models being produced today. Even with its dual yoke capacity, this assembly has a love-hate relationship with many vehicle owners. Get an NP208 transfer case for sale by using this Axle Guys resource online.

The last year that the standard 208 was used in the U.S. was 1988. It is not a divorced unit like similar models, but is called a married transfer case instead. The yoke is a slip or fixed depending on what vehicle transmission was installed. As a part time assembly, the aluminum casing that houses the gears holds up pretty well.

As a shipping cost estimate, about 100 pounds is what the typical New Process Gear units weigh. Since these have not been built in more than three decades, junk or salvage suppliers are the only places on the planet that have a current inventory. This is where AG retrieves products from.

Two-Speed NP208 Specs

The 2WD or 4WD operation of the NP series assemblies is standard. While there are newer options that have electronic controls, the regular chain drive is all that the 208 class supplies. The gaskets, bushing, fittings and seals much be checked prior to installation. Even the best remanufactured units can still have a hairline crack or leak.

AxleGuys.com makes it possible to buy used transfer case online thanks to national providers. The 205 versus 208 debate will continue as long as there is interest in vintage case assemblies. What someone should know upon buying a preowned unit is that a close inspection was already completed and validated.

2.62:1 is the base level gear ratio. There is a low mode. There is a high model. Each is selected and determined in part by the automatic transmission. The controls are not difficult to operate, but care should be taken when installing or removing the NP208.

New Process Gear Inventory

A particular make or model can be researched by relying on the database we provide. If someone has a make and model year to use, this is enough information for the system to process a price quote request. The tools are friendly to iOS and Android device users too. The entire United States has hundreds of dealers of 4×4 and powertrain parts, but not all of these companies are equal.

Only fair and transparent price data is what someone will receive here. All parts come with a basic warranty package. The cost for this inclusion is free. As an alternative to eBay or another website, AG works one-on-one with regular people as well as mechanics providing repair services to the public. No risks are involved when placing an order through the reliable system we offer here.

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