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Used Dodge Ram Rear Differential

Dodge used common differential components in its rear assemblies for 1500, 2500 and 3500 series trucks. What is essential to know about choosing one is the ring gear and cover plate size. Once these two things are out of the way, you can select the complete unit or just the parts that you require. Buy a used Dodge Ram rear differential here and save.

There is a smaller gear ratio in the 4×2 pickup. If your Ram has this ratio, you are not getting the full power of the transmission and wheel torque. It is likely that you have a 3.42 gear ratio in this case. You can bump it up to a 4.10 just like the 3500 series has and benefit from the boost in torque.

Ram Ring and Pinion Size

Even if you do not get the complete Ram differential, additional parts are likely what you require. On every unit, there is an axle shaft, some bearings and a braking system. The assembly has a bolt cover that is usually 10.50 or 11.50 size. You should identify what you already have before swapping out new components.

The standard Chrysler ring size has been 8.25 since 1978. The late model trucks that are diesel power can use the 9.25 size. The difference might seem slight at first, but the extra teeth on the gear is what matters. Keeping this part lubed up will prevent grinding while hauling or pulling.

Rear End for Dodge Ram

Some people call us and say “I need a rear end for my Ram.” What they really want is just the rear axle shaft. We inform them of the mistake, and then they order the right component. The differential is what houses the gears. This has nothing to do with the bearing or the shaft itself.

Since the components are mostly uniform, a direct change out is not too hard. The average person can raise up a pickup and have the differential changed in a few hours. Going to a mechanic is what will cost a lot of cash. Just the removal is hundreds of dollars. This does not count the parts pricing.

Buy Differentials for Ram Trucks

The left side of the shaft and the right side work with our components. What you will order is an OEM original. AxleGuys.com contracts with salvage and junk companies in America. We take out what is the best looking products and refuse the rest. This keeps our quality much higher than what is found on Craigslist or other resources.

Get a price quote through usage of our computer here. Let it calculate the exact discount you receive off the MSRP. You never pay too much for used Dodge axles or related parts. We know what to do to make people happy. Give us a call if you are ready to order.

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