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Sprinter Rear Axle for Sale

Does your Sprinter van need a new rear axle? These are for sale on this website. There are common and not so common gear ratios. Choosing the shaft is just one side of the coin. You must consider how to gear the differential when the entire rear end is attached. AxleGuys.com has a Springer rear axle for sale without the dealer markup pricing.

Types of Sprinter Shafts

The rear section, just like the front, comes in two pieces. These are called the driver side and the passenger side. The axle itself is solid steel and needs to be hooked to the wheel hub. Most Sprinter motor vehicles had anti-lock brakes (ABS) installed. You need to remove these first prior to putting on the replacement shaft.

Your gear ratio is determined by the OEM specs. There are two pretty common types that you might be dealing with. These include 3.72 and 3.92. Choosing the correct ring and pinion will make your rear differential work great. Taking on too much torque might not be the right fix for the rear end if you are having issues.

Factory Original Axles

It does not matter to us what version of the van that you own. We know that Dodge, Freightliner and Mercedes each produced a version in different markets. What these auto companies did right was they used standard parts. What we have here to present to you is a factory original component. Some people call these OE or original manufacturer types.

We are fortunate to take these from junk yards in North American cities. We never wind up with two of the same quality or lengths. You have to precisely measure each side of the axle if you want to get the right replacement. Our team can help you do that even if you do not choose to place an order through this website.

Buy Used Sprinter Axles

Your price comes right out of the computer system built into this website. It is free and open for any one to use. No limits are placed on price research or customized quotations. Once you are happy with what we can do for you, your next step would be to place an order. Our specialists know the variety in shaft sizes and differential gears.

You can speak one of these experts by telephone. We ship to any city and location. Never buy second hand products until you have verified the source and shipping price. With our products, you do get a warranty and a reliable delivery. A freight forwarder will drop off the package to your residential or commercial location.

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