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Used Dodge Rear Axles for Sale

Dodge has built cars for over a century. Its axles and rear ends are made to last for decades. While some companies focus on the latest technology, FCA (Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles) tends to put emphasis on build quality. It is hard to find anything negative said about a Dodge component. Shopping the Internet to purchase used inventory is quite simple here. A range of Dodge rear axles for sale are always ready to ship inside North America.

Axle Assembly Compatibility

The standard and limited slip differentials are different sizes. What is placed onto the rear end of a car will not work for an SUV, minivan or truck. A rear-wheel drive motor vehicle is a completely different machine. It is never good to find out during an installation that a part just will not fit correctly.

This is a list of vehicles that AxleGuys.com supports:

1. Charger
2. Dakota
3. Viper
4. Caravan
5. Ram
6. Aries
7. Avenger
8. Caliber
9. Intrepid
10. Nitro
11. Stratus
12. Daytona
13. Dynasty
14. Magnum
15. Ramcharger
16. Shadow
17. Lancer
18. Spirit
19. Omni
20. Challenger
21. Dart
22. Colt
23. Conquest
24. Lancer
25. Neon
26. Stealth
27. Journey
28. D50
29. Ram Van
30. Ram Wagon
31. Sprinter
32. Diplomat
33. Grand Caravan
34. SRT-4

Identifying Dodge Rear Axle Parts

Chrysler took part in manufacturing although did outsource some parts. Arrangements with Dana and other companies resulted in several shaft sizes being utilized. The 44, 60, 70, 80 or S 110 each have different sizes just like the Mopar issued versions.

Common sizes used on 4WD and RWD Dodge vehicles include:

1. 7.25
2. 8.0
3. 8.25
4. 8.75
5. 9.25
6. 9.75
7. 10.5
8. 11.5

Some retailers do not check the pinion for compatibility with a ring gear. The number of teeth could be a mismatch. This is a huge problem with buying regular used axles. Someone cannot go by what a shop owner tells them prior to ordering. The certified preowned inventory of Dodge auto parts found here is always evaluated. This lowers the number of warranty claims annually.

OEM Stock Number Database

Tools found here are programmed and reliable to use. We do not use outdated catalogs or sell sheets for parts. We have ground operations in place with Dodge junk yards across the nation. This is the fastest way to get the latest pull outs and trade ins for components. Our database includes all original factory numbers and any changes made through the years.

Prices for Complete Dodge Axles

The boot, CV joint and other accessories that make up the complete assembly are part of our inventory. What we derive from our inventory partners is what is passed on to consumers. Because we believe in transparent price data, everything found here is updated. The automated finder has been added to this page for people to use 365 days a year.

It might not be possible to find a component older than 1985 using our web based tools. In that case, someone needs to call us by telephone. We have an educated and friendly staff of experts available. These professionals only sell preowned Dodge differentials and nothing else. Our price model is hard to beat.

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