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Used Dodge Dakota Rear Axle Assembly

The Dodge Dakota by Chrysler used several rear axle assemblies since 1987. The majority of these were built by Dana/Spicer. The mid-size pickup trucks were offered for sale in 4×4 and 4×2 builds depending on the motor size. There is quite an overstock of replacement components that can be ordered for this vehicle. Buy a used Dodge Dakota rear axle assembly at the lowest web price online.

10 Bolt and 12 Bolt Covers

Every automaker has a different standard when it comes to building parts. Many companies outsource the manufacturing to leaders in the industry. In the case of the Dakota truck, the 10 bolt cover is the most common to find. The ring and pinion size is usually 8.25. A large percentage of the salvage industry options will promote this type of differential.

The 12 bolt is the biggest unit available. The ring is 9.25 size. Some of these assemblies were known as a limited slip differential. A hexagon or a round cover could be attached. An even smaller 7.5 pinion gear was offered during the first years of Dodge Dakota production. Shopping here is an excellent decision to buy used Dodge Dakota axles.

Axle CV or Complete Rear End

Replacing the brakes are just one type of job. Changing a ripped CV boot is another. The gearing inside of the Dakota differential could have metal chipped off. Diagnosing grinding or clunking sounds is not exactly easy. Lubrication could be lacking and shafts can get bent. Trying locate the right size rear axle for Dodge pickups is a little frustrating.

Axle Guys has just the solid shaft, bearings, seals and other parts on sale. Not every buyer will want a used rear end. A lot of the time, changing out the smaller components will solve a typical issue. When in doubt, it it never helps to ask an experienced person who deals with Dodge rear axle assemblies on regular basis.

Buy Dodge Dakota Rear Axle Shafts

A cheap price should never take work to receive. Some people try their hand at haggling with junk yard personnel in order to save a little bit of cash. This method rarely works. The MSRP is usually set beforehand and no amount of conversation will change that fact. We supply plenty of auto body shops doing insurance work. We also cater to rear truck owners.

Are you trying to find the cheapest price for Dodge Dakota parts? Look no further than this page. We help you identify the correct component. We then show you how little you will pay. Thanks to our sophisticated research computer, people get accurate discount prices here. We accept calls by phone for a quote in price too. Never feel like you are alone. We only specialize in used differentials and assemblies for Chrysler automobiles.

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