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Used Dodge Rear Differential

The differential used inside of a Dodge vehicle is built tough for regular use. Breaks or other problems do happen if components begin to age. The cast metal alloy that was picked to construct the rear end assembly does support the entire vehicle weight. If you are faced with swapping the complete unit, you can buy a used Dodge rear differential from Axle Guys.

Identify Your Bolt Cover

Chrysler is known for its variety in auto parts manufacturing. Instead of going with a one or two type design like GM or Ford, multiple parts each made up the rear and front shaft. The very first step that you need to complete is to verify what bolt cover your Dodge vehicle has. This will lead you to the right path to choosing the correct Dodge rear differential for sale.

The sizes found in the list below are commonly used across the range of vehicles in the Chrysler family.

9 bolt cover
10 bolt cover
12 bolt cover

Some of the plates have a square shape while others are the traditional round style. Depending on how the differential is geared, measurements might not be exact. Taking a look at the lug pattern is one way to validate the correct assembly.

Dodge Ring Gear Sizes

There were no less than four different ring gear sizes in pickup, van and SUV vehicles. The ratios were very similar to what other automakers applied. The good thing is that you can easily modify the OEM configuration. You just need to choose the best replacement gear type that will fit into the complete rear end.

AxleGuys.com supports the following ring gears with its rear axle packages:

7.25 ring gear
8.25 ring gear

This data is not expected to be a full representation of what Chrysler has produced for its 4WD and AWD motor vehicles. We use this as a general reference guide to aid a consumer when he or she does not know what to order as a replacement.

Differentials for Dodge Vehicles

The trim size sometimes does not affect which parts were installed. It is far too common with gasoline and Cummins diesel engines to use the same casting numbers. While there are various changes, you can match up most of the used vehicle axles that we are supplying from our used parts warehouse here.

A surplus stock of preowned rear ends, parts and accessories fits onto these vehicles:

D Series
Grand Caravan

Choose Your Gear Ratio

Low gearing gives faster performance at lower speeds. To improve the torque, you can set the higher gear and a larger ratio. This will initiate better pulling power when hauling or going off-road. The gears do require lubrication to avoid chipping, splintering and general wear during rotation.


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After you use our quote database, you are free to compare us with another store or just place your order. Our shipments are prompt. You still get a warranty plan. We meet all requests for emergency shipping situations. Do you know how to buy a Dodge axle online? We will work with you. We want to earn your first-time and repeat business.

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