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Used Dodge Ram 3500 Rear End

The rear end assembly for a Dodge Ram 3500 comes in two pieces. Each section includes the left side of the differential and the right side. The same type was installed on most of the three-quarter, half-ton and one-ton pickup trucks. Axle Guys has the lowest prices for a used Dodge Ram 3500 rear end that you can find online.

Ram 3500 Axle Ratios

Chrysler experimented by placing at least three gear ratios inside of the Ram. Even the 1984 and up models had more than one gear set. Some of the trucks during this period had staggered shocks. It is a common DIY repair to swap the 3500 Ram differential.

Typical ratios for the standard and dually trucks include the following:


These do correspond with two types of ring gears that were installed. The sizes for these parts are 11.50 and 11.75. Buying any used Dodge Ram rear axle is simpler knowing this stuff. The trim editions of Laramie, ST and SXT are what we support inside our warehouse. This gives the very best variety to all people.

The size of the spline matches the full float rear axle. The thread count is 30. The length of the shaft is 49.5 inches. In Mopar components, this was an across the board measurement for the pickup truck and SUV series. People who research different part numbers do not always find a match when reviewing different dealer websites.

Front and Rear Shafts

When someone goes to swap out the rear assembly, the front might be forgotten. When the pickup is hoisted up, taking a quick look at the CVT joints is helpful. The driver side and passenger side are built tough. The components might crack though under constant pressure.

The 6.7L V8 engine is the biggest of the 4×4 series. The 1999, 2001, 2007 and 2009 are some of the years that truck owners try to match up on this website. All models and makes can be ordered using our modern e-commerce platform.

Ram Rear Ends for Sale

Any of the OEM components attached to the axle shaft can be ordered here. The complete package or just a Dodge Ram 3500 rear axle are on sale. The regular pricing mixed with current discounts is attractive to the public. You can get to know our company staff by calling us on the phone. Using the AxleGuys.com parts locator, accurate information is presented before the ordering stage.

Before you change out your rear differential, think twice about ordering something from an auction website. There is usually no guarantee. You probably have to pay to return the unit if you are unhappy. You always get a price and quality guarantee here. Try us now.

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