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YJ Rear Axle for Sale

The rear axle type that was used in the YJ Wrangler during its time of sale was the Dana 35. These installations started around the 1987 year. The spline gear threads were either a 27 or 30. It is common to have drum brakes attached to the rear end. If you need the standard 5 bolt pattern, you are shopping on the best website. Get a YJ rear axle for sale straight from our used inventory here at AxleGuys.com.

Length of the YJ Shaft

The size of your wheel base matters. If you want any width larger than 33, you will want to put a stronger axle shaft in place. The stock length of the rear axle in the YJ Jeep is 60.25 inches. This measurement is the hardest thing to get right when doing the job yourself. Too many people do not measure correctly and they end up with too short of a shaft.

The OEM or modified gear ratio is one thing to keep in mind. Chrysler and AMC divisions each relied on separate components. The 1987 Wrangler came with a stock gear set of 3.07. The used Dana axles that we provide to you from our inventory can be coupled with different ratios. The 3.55, 3.73 and 4.11 are quite common to change.

Jeep Differential and Rear End

Phrases are thrown around a lot, but they do not mean the same thing. An axle shaft is not a differential just like a differential case is not a shaft. The Dana series rear and front axles were one-size fits all for the Wrangler through the 1995 year. The case assembly is sold in complete form just like the rear end with disc brakes is sold.

We have what you are looking for if you need used Jeep parts. Just ask for the right component and we will get you the lowest price. A stock warranty is what our company gives to each consumer. An elimination procedure is what we rely upon to refuse or accept quality inventory.

Jeep YJ Axles Sale

Low price should never mean that quality is low. Without some type of standards, people would be disappointed in second hand materials. Nothing here has been rebuilt or modified in any way. What is sold to you is removed without problems by a parts specialist. The grading process we rely on involves placing a letter grade on each component.

You do not need a stamp or casting number to get a price quote. Give us your Jeep year, engine size and what transmission you have. We instantly check our own warehouse inventory to learn what we have in stock. You are told the price. You then make your decision to buy or not. In most cases, people find out we are the best source to buy Jeep axles online.

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