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XJS Rear Axle for Sale

The XJS by Jaguar used a common rear axle from 1992 to 1996. Before this car became the XK8, it was known for scarcity of components. Not all dealers were able import needed replacement parts. If you need to buy an XJS rear axle for sale, we have you covered on this website. You pay one simple price and that is it.

4L80E Transmission Compatible

Deals made by more than one automaker allowed the sharing of internal parts. In the case of the XLS Jaguar cars, the General Motors 4L80E transmission was found. It was usually tied to the 4.0 liter AJ engine block. Only one size of differential gear ratios was offered in the final production years.

The 3.54 ratio is the only size that will fit onto most trim versions. The straight axle shaft is the reason that there were not additional alternations the XJS vehicles. The rising inventory of used Jaguar rear axles that we are carrying helps small automotive businesses as well as owners of these cars.

Replacement Jaguar Axle Search

Let’s face it: it is hard to get what you want at the local level. You can look all day long on the lot of a junk yard. You can still come up short. Some shop owners even go as far as guaranteeing something with fill. Most know that this is not the real what to conduct business. Axle Guys relies on accuracy for its research platform.

You have to know the size of the gearbox and the XJS rear end prior to replacing the shaft assembly. Doing it wrong will cause problems when you try to put the vehicle into gear. No OEM part numbers have to be used throughout our computer application. You can get by through using just simple data like you would give a dealership.

Buy Used XJS Axles

If it is a cheap price you demand, that is what you can get here. People in the USA as well as North into Canada use our company. It is because of the safe shipments and range of sticker prices that so many people come here to shop. Nearly any part can be found that will fit a classic or current Jaguar automobile. The bearings, shims and integral components are what can be ordered.

The choices to receive a price come down to how quotes are sent. A price is sent by e-mail or displayed online. If you want to call instead, place the call to the number we give you. It is our main contact number for Q&A and other data. Stock is not oversold at our company. What is ready to ship out is packed and sent immediately.

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