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Used Toyota Rear Axle Sale

Toyota cars and trucks used more than one rear axle assembly type. Before you buy, you have to be able to identify these. The spline count is likely different for every shaft. The differential will always showcase a different gear ratio. AxleGuys.com is your source to buy a used Toyota rear axle for a very good price. All parts are are ready to ship.

All automakers began using number systems for automotive components in the 1980s. Computer technology has improved the way that stamps are placed onto a part. The tag ID includes a series of letters as well as numbers. Some car owners will not be able to find this information.

Toyota Rear Differential Types

There were millions of vehicles produced that used the same differential by Toyota. What changed was the gear ratios inside. The types that most people as for as the 8 inch 9.5 inch and 10.5 inch. These might be locking or non-locking differentials. Some are controlled by computer chips. These are called Toyota electronic locking differential types.

A two-pinion posi was also very common. The measurement of the ring gear is something to keep in mind while shopping for a Toyota rear axle for sale. Our staff can help you find and order any of the components built since the early 1970s. We do support all car, truck and SUV makes and models.

Bearings and Straight Shafts

To properly install the axle, you will need the bearings to be in good shape. You could reuse the old ones, but replacements are pretty low cost. Lubing up the components and then placing them onto the metal shaft is the safest practice. We are not just experts in used Toyota axle shafts. We sell the bearings and everything needed for an installation.

There is a warranty for every part that is retailed. The coverage is complete and a consumer guarantee is given. We do accept returns if mistakes or other factors cause the wrong item to be ordered. Understanding the strict Toyota OEM part numbers takes time to learn. Let a specialist here help you.

Buy Toyota Rear Axle Assemblies

You will get a price quote when using our tools provided. No information is collected while you search for sticker prices. It does help if you have the size of your motor, transmission and model year available. This will allow us to ensure the correct shaft will fit onto your vehicle.

Our phone number is always displayed on this website. You can call this and speak with us over the phone. Learning the discounts, shipping fees (if any) and applicable core charges is not hard. Our price match guarantee ensures you always pay less for a Toyota axle shaft online.

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