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Used Toyota Front Axle for Sale

Toyota used several types of front axle shafts in its vehicles for sale. The lengths are different which could complicate a routine installation. For someone new to researching sizes, knowing what has been manufactured could be helpful. Even though SUV, truck and passenger cars have different weight requirements, you can buy a used Toyota front axle for sale online.

Left and Right Front Shafts

Toyota varies the length based on the width of each wheel base. Compact vehicles will have a shorter base than what a T100 pickup truck would have. The precise measurement is not listed in all service manuals. Dealerships might not even be able to help you match up the right part number.

The following sizes are common Toyota front axle lengths:

17.25 inch
29 inch
31.50 inch
34.125 inch

Some of the metal rods are solid. There are other two piece connections that have been manufactured. There are significant changes in the vintage 4Runner shafts versus the late model assemblies. Correctly examining the measurements will ensure you get the right unit.

Best Toyota CV Axle Replacement

The spline thread is typically a 30 unless a modification is present. It is hard to know who does what with a used motor vehicle. People who think they can weld may not be an expert. It is far too easy to break a bolt or bend an axle if you do not know what you are doing. A typical repair job could be completed in just a few hours when all components are on hand.

The absolute best replacement assemblies are OEM. What you get is an original take out. The wheel hubs are removed, the brakes are taken off and the CV shaft and parts remain. If you are searching where to buy a used CV axle, AxleGuys.com has the best Toyota junk yard inventory that North American consumers can order. The guarantee that comes with what gets shipped out is perfect.

Prices for Used Toyota Front Axles

You will never pay the full MSRP while shopping here. A subtraction off the regular retail price is always instituted. If you are a mechanic hoping to find a much needed component, you are free to shop on this page. No wholesale inquiries have to be made. The model year, nameplate and engine size are some basic data that we use to determine your axle needs.

The exact pricing for all used Toyota axles both front and rear is distributed. The electronic controlled computer we allow usage of is programmed every day. What sells is updated. What is on order is shown. The mileage count from the vehicle where the parts were removed is even given out. We do this so we can minimize questions when someone wants to order.

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