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Used Torsen Differential

The Torsen type of differential is used where performance matters. While some installations are in the front or center of the vehicle, the real strength is in the rear. Auto companies such as Ford, Chevy and Honda have put this open style rear end to good use. As a consumer, you can buy a used Torsen differential for your vehicle. We have them here in used condition.

How Torsen Rear Ends Work

The style is known as open, but the ring gears will lock if traction is lost. This is a new concept developed exclusively for street legal automobiles. Since it works very well with larger motors, the torque is moved away from the axles and delivered at the wheel level.

The opposite tire is provided with the excess traction during loss of grip. This transfer is made depending on the ratio of the Torsen assembly. The gear ratio is fixed at the factory although is not simple to change. It is not similar to regular differential gears that accept multiple configurations.

Locking Differential Uses

The early 2000s brought with it the concept of the dual torque sensing controls to consumers. American automakers started to rely on alternatives to the regular Dana or other rear ends that were in use at the time. The bigger the motor meant more torque traction required.

The following vehicles used the same Torsen differentials that we supply in preowned condition here:


This list is in now way complete. It is useful as a guide to learning more about compatibility for certain types of locking rear ends now in production. AxleGuys.com receives all of what is in the warehouse from junk yards in the U.S.

Parts Warranty for Assemblies

Did your rear end go out? Do you hear a thud or whine while driving? It is commonplace for older parts to begin to degrade due to age or rust. The gears inside of the assembly are factory made, but these can get splintered or pieces broken off. What you get with an order here is a complete warranty plan. This protects the shaft and any included parts for a number of months afterwards.

Torsen Differentials for Sale

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