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Used Silverado Rear Axle for Sale

The Silverado by Chevrolet used multiple rear axles. This is due to the size of the pickup. The 1500, 2500 and 3500 are classified by weight and payload. The half-ton, three-quarter ton and one-ton trucks are meant for different torque usage. There are some common sizes for rear ends and differentials that are on these vehicles. Axle Guys provides a used Silverado rear axle for less than retail stores online.

Silverado Differential Ratios

There are no less than five types of gear ratios that are found in Chevy trucks. This refers to the way that the right and left differential are set up. The speed of the wheel when turning is based on the measurement of force versus stoppage. To correctly identify the rear axle ratio for a light-duty, medium-duty or full-size pickup, knowing the measurements is key.

The following used Chevy rear axles will fit the 1999 to current model year vehicles:

– 3.08
– 3.42
– 3.23
– 3.73
– 4.10

The transmission is one thing to keep in mind while shopping for a rear end replacement. Depending on the number of speeds, acceleration might be affected with a components change. In the simplest of cases, getting a little extra torque by changing up the gear ratio is not a bad thing.

Chevy Ring and Pinion Sizes

Just like the length of the shaft and differential, there are plenty of choices when it comes to the ring and pinion gear sizes. The trim model of the Silverado pickup will help you define which ring and pinion set will fit correctly. The much larger vehicles had a bigger diameter than the first-edition smaller trucks had.

The common sizes that are found on most motor vehicles by Chevrolet include:

– 8.6
– 9.5
– 9.76
– 10.5
– 11.5

Making sure the fit is tight and not too loose is crucial. The shaft can be off center which will affect the performance. The alignment must be correct. Some people do opt for a front end and rear end alignment after changing the axles. The rear seals should always be changed out too. The spline needs to be tested to achieve the best fit.

Chevrolet Silverado Rear Axle Prices

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