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Used GM Rear Axle on Sale

The shaft or parts of a GM rear axle assembly are in our inventory. You can buy all or one of these components in real time. The General Motors company has many subsidiary brands. Knowing the size of the cover, shaft and what type of brakes are utilized can help you identify which used GM rear axle you need. AxleGuys.com is the web leader in drive train parts.

The rear end assembly can be measured in three common sizes. The 10 bolt, 12 bolt and the 14 bolt. This has nothing to do with the size of the ring and pinion. Each bolt cover protects the gearing inside. The ratios must be preserved in order to keep the wheels turning with proper motion. Mangled teeth or chipping are what cause problems in the GM rear axle assembly.

GM Dana Rear Axles

Third party companies were responsible for constructing General Motors components. The Dana company manufactured the front and the rear GM axles. There are many RPO codes that will help you to identify these common sizes. Because of the thousands of different motor vehicles, it is not always possible to look directly at the shaft to get the ID code.

Full float assemblies are one type. Locking differential is another type. The ABS or anti-lock brake is a braking system attached to most rear ends by GM. All of this information when combined can help you decide what you need. We are a true customer service company. People who use this portal for information usually want to know about our cheap prices.

Removal of Axle Assemblies

You can and should remove your own rear axle. You will need a few tools. A nut driver, lubricant and some basic shop instruments. Car mechanics charge about $1000 just to pull the read end before even looking at it. This is added to the cost of replacement parts. Removing each wheel and then the brakes is just the beginning. Pulling out the shaft is the next step. You have to be sure that the thread count matches the replacement axle assembly for your General Motors automobile.

GM Front or Rear Axle Prices

We sell the front end assembly as well as the rear. You can obtain our sale prices. These are found in quote form using the consumer computer application. We are the ones selling to junk yards, resellers and auto body shops in North America. The salvage auto parts that we have in stock are increased annually.

The terms of sale include a warranty. The cost of freight is included in our MSRP. You are not alone prior to order placement or months afterward. We have a great team that will assist you. Any of the used GM axles for sale that we are offering here include these basics. Call us by phone to obtain our latest pricing. We accept contact by e-mail too.

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