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Used Dana 30 Axle for Sale

Dana used and marketed its 30 axle series for sale with multiple automaker brands since the 1960s. Ford and Jeep are just two of the companies that have had success with the front and rear version of the shaft. The standard five on five lug pattern is easy to spot if you need to identify the 27 spline. Here at Axle Guys, you can buy a used Dana 30 axle for sale online.

Specs of the Dana 30 Shaft

The ring gear has a measurement of 7.20 inches. It is an odd size. The complete shaft has a diameter measuring 1.16 inches. The typical 10 bolt cover must be used with the rear assemblies. The axle disconnect system is not found on every Chrysler installation. There are upgrades that can be installed although the choice is made by each vehicle owner.

The used Dana axles that we have on sale here will fit the following vehicle types:


The front shaft was used in the 1970s. Most people are probably familiar with the 30 rear end. Drum brakes, disc brakes and ABS brakes have been marketed in various forms with Jeep sport utility vehicles. The high pinion version is probably the most common although not all assemblies are the reverse cut type.

D30 Buyers’ Guide: What to Know

There are thousands of American and Canadian junk yards that sell Dana/Spicer products. The truth is that not all of these units are straight. Some have been laying around for quite some time. Rust is always something to watch out for when buying. The u-joint and yoke might have been removed from the complete rear end. This creates and extra expense.

Axle Guys acquires salvage inventory on a pass or fail basis. A grade is the first thing we apply to every product. It is hard to find A grade used axles. Most are B grade that are placed into our warehouse weekly. Testing and detailed visual evaluations confirm that what we retail to the public is in fair shape.

Buy Dana 30 Axle Assemblies

You can order through us if you choose to on this site. First, you will need to get your quote together. The stock level, vehicles we support and other data is in our database. You can gain entry to this in just a click or two. We never ask you for information that is not essential. Once the discount is displayed, we give you the opportunity to place your order.

There is a phone number we use just for consumer contact. This toll-free. What you will not experience at AG is rude or inexperienced workers. Each member of our staff is trained and is a specialist in 4×2 and 4×4 off-road parts. We do not sell on eBay.

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