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Used C5 Differential

Your C5 Corvette by Chevy used a stock differential gear ratio. Changing this is possible. You have to choose the right size of the pinion and ring gear. Keeping costs down is the goal of most car owners. The rear ends selected by GM have specific measurements that must be known before you swap. You can buy a used C5 differential at a good price here.

Typical Corvette Gear Ratios

The OEM setup in your 1997 through 2004 year Vette might have different gearing. Even though the size of the 5.7 liter engine was kept, there were two versions of transmissions used. The type of gearbox that is installed will affect the rear differential. You could have a four-speed or a six-speed transmission. Matching this up correctly will result in a pain-free swap.

The following list includes regular and performance gear ratios for the Corvette C5 differential:


You have left and a right half shaft installed at the rear of your C5 vehicle. You can check these for straightness before you change the differential gears. Some people do a third-party modification where a solid axle shaft is installed in place of the base configuration.

Warranty for Chevy OEM Parts

All of what AxleGuys.com presents here features warranty protection. There are partners that we deal with to ease the research and sticker pricing for the public. Some of the nicest looking C5 vehicles are parted out to get a good stock pile of components to resell. What we do provide is our own guarantee that you are buying excellent gears or replacement shafts.

The C5 differential for sale inventory that we carry grows monthly. We are always finding new units in scrap yards in the U.S. Because we warranty our Chevrolet parts, you do not have to think about the life cycle of the component. You just install and go about your business as usual.

Buy Chevrolet C5 Differentials

You can order just the front axle, rear end or even the separate used differential here. Our team has cataloged our products in our warehouse. You can review what we have through our database tool. Type in the year of your Vette and choose the type of your gearbox. Once you have completed this task, we distribute our lowest retail price that is possible.

You are given our phone number to call to order. You can check on other components that we might have. It is possible you can receive a bundled price. What you cannot buy directly from a secondary dealer you can order from our website. Fix up your performance vehicle with authentic parts from our warehouse.

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