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Used Axle Shafts for Sale

The axle shafts that are used inside of vehicles are not all the same. Do you know what to buy? Anyone who goes through the research process knows it can be confusing. There are plenty of part names that are unfamiliar to the average person. If you are not an ASE certified mechanic, you might not know there are used axle shafts for sale that are various sizes. Let Axle Guys help you on this website.

How to Buy Replacement Axles

Strange noises can be the first sign that you have a problem with axles. The whine is unmistakeable when it is heard. A thud, thump, grinding or shudder during transport might mean that the gears slipping. Solid beams that are bent could also cause a vehicle to swap or have excessive slop when turning. All of these issues point to one problem: a bad axle.

There are common product types that you might find retailed on the Internet. On this website, all of what is listed can be ordered in used condition. These items are not new or rebuilt.

Axle Buyers Guide

Full Float

This type is what many automakers install inside of trucks, SUVs and vans. Instead of carrying the weight of the vehicle, only the torque is passed to each wheel. This balances the load. A flange is welded to the shaft to help support the left and right axles.

Semi Float

This type is found on almost all sedan, compact, luxury and passenger cars. The shaft is just one solid assembly. A set of bearings are attached on each side of the wheel. The entire weight of a vehicle is support in part by the semi float axle.

C Clip

GM is just one company that uses a c clip type. This clip is a c shape that secures the axle in place. Rust and ice can make it difficult to remove these units. A clip can break and the wheel can slide right off of the shaft. Some people use an eliminator to prevent slippage.

Open Knuckle

There is a knuckle on every axle that attaches to a wheel. When the shaft is an open type, the u join can be viewed and it is exposed. This means that dirt, water or other debris can get inside of the joint. Vehicles with big tires can use open or a closed type.

Closed Knuckle

This is the reverse of the open system. The entire join is closed off. A cover is placed on top of the knuckle to prevent it from getting damaged. The downside to this is that the cover is hard to remove if a replacement shaft is needed. There are pros and cons to every setup.


The axle in the front of a vehicle is usually a series of metal rods. A single right and a single left are attached via a CV joint. The neoprene boot is used to protect the shaft while not compromising the turning angle. Rotation inside the shaft is what helps wheels to turn. Some people refer to a front axle as a half shaft.


The rear axle assembly is almost always a solid design. Sometimes, there is more than one piece that connects on the right or left side. Having a straight metal bar linked to the differential is the most common setup. People searching for this type call it a full shaft.

Manufacturers of Axle Shafts

If you do not buy aftermarket, you are probably trying to find an original component. Dana/Spicer is the top manufacturer of automotive axles used in the United States. You can find these in Toyota, Ford, Chevy, GMC, Buick, Oldsmobile, Saturn, Mazda, Mercedes, Kia, Jaguar and other popular brands. Each unit will have its own part number and gear ratio settings.

Rebuilt, OEM or Used

You can buy a complete unit in three types of condition. The first is rebuilt. This is when the rod is straightened if any bends occur. Machinery is utilized to reprint the threads that are needed on each side to join assemblies together. OEM is what a car dealership will provide. These are original builds that are made in factories around the world. They are more expensive.

A used unit, like what is for sale at AxleGuys.com, is removed from a salvage vehicle. A mechanic or certified expert will disassemble the vehicle. The preowned shaft is taken out, cleaned up and placed for sale in inventory. These come with a warranty plan.

Prices for Axle Replacements

All retailers use what is called the MSRP. This stands for manufacturer suggested retail price. It can go up or down based on economic conditions or due to demand. Automotive service centers and people who work on vehicles professionally often use the standard retail price. It is rare that a consumer discount will appear in this type of pricing models.

The price of a shaft can range from $75 up to $300 based on estimates in the USA. This is not a guarantee because some shops raise prices more frequently. Should you need the differential, bearings or complete rear end, the costs will go up significantly. It is also best to get a price sheet or quote from multiple retailers to begin weeding out the high prices.

Used Axle Parts Locator App

We developed a national application for use on this website. You do not need to download our app on your smartphone or tablet. It is fixed to this page to allow usage by people only using a PC or laptop. What is inside of this tool is our discount pricing. We are able to discount the freight charges if an order is sent to a residence instead of a business. The parts warranty details, mileage on the vehicle and compatibility with motor vehicle types is displayed.

Our transparent pricing model benefits large and small body shops, car owners, DIY mechanics, car enthusiasts, rebuilders and restoration companies in North America. You can rely on Axle Guys for anything related to the suspension or drivetrain on your automobile.

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