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Used Transit Rear Axle for Sale

The Transit Connect by Ford used a 9.75 rear axle assembly in all makes. This is partly because of the different engine sizes. The 6-speed SelectShift transmission works on par with the current performance set up. People who shop at this website online can buy a used Transit rear axle for sale cheap.

Rear Axles for Transit Vans

The 3.2 and 3.7 engines were a big boost of sales at Ford Motor Company. The gross vehicle weight of the vans were able to work better with these size blocks. The axle ratio was perfectly set at 3.73. This is the standard size in the industry for trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles.

There have no been publicly reported issues with breakage or other defects. The issued recall only affected a couple of hundred motor vehicles. People can still by a rear axle for Transit vans on the secondary market. What is sourced here comes with warranty protection.

Fixing Whine and Stuttering

A problem with the shims on the differential might cause a whining sound to be heard. It is natural to ignore this for a little while. When the noise gets to be too much, raising the van up and taking a look at the axle is a good first start. The solid shaft is not unlike other Ford variations. The famed 8.8 rear axle has graduated to the 9.75 size.

Repairs to the Transit connect limited slip differential may be required. Pulling out the unit is the best bet. Damage can occur to the CV boots, bearings and gears. Searching around in our updated axle warehouse inventory on this page can help you find a match.

No one wants to be without the Transit van working. Automotive mechanics ordering on this page get charged the same cost as a regular customer. There is only one standard sticker price. This is the only thing that someone looks at before an order is sent.

Transit Connect Rear Axle Prices

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