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Toyota TRD Rear Axle for Sale

Do you need TRD parts for your Toyota vehicle like a rear axle? Buy here and save. The Toyota Racing Development is a concept for creating performance automobile parts. All cars, trucks and SUVs have some type of modified component these days. When it comes to the rear end, you can have more torque or you can settle for stock ratios. Axle Guys has a Toyota TRD rear axle for sale in used condition here.

Locking Rear Differentials

The big difference in the TRD and the base trucks is the locking differential. This is a brand new design for Toyota, but the ring gear is the same size. What you should look for is an 8.4 ring and pinion. Sometimes, people call these an 8 inch. That is the real measurement, but all of the stock numbers say 8.4.

There are only two types of gear ratios that come with the performance rear ends. The 4.10 is the standard. The 4.30 is the upgrade. You do not have to pay extra for an aftermarket ARB if you want to stick with the improved version from Toyota.

You most likely have 31 inch tires with the updated package. The housing assembly is specially built for this size. You could put larger tires on, but there is no guarantee you would not run into a rubbing issue. Getting the maximum level of toque is the whole concept behind swapping your rear differential.

Axle Parts Warranties

When you purchase a new pickup truck, you are given a specific warranty period. Most of the drivetrain, chassis and engine components are under this form of coverage. Once you go out of warranty, you are virtually on your own. You will need to dig into your own pocket or savings account if your Tacoma, T100 or other vehicle needs to be repaired.

AxleGuys.com has a warranty plan accessible to everyone. No charge is added to your bill for this coverage. It is simply our gift to hard-working consumers shopping at our company. We do visually inspect the front and rear shaft if that is what you require. These are straight and do not have to be machined to fit.

Buy Toyota Rear Axles

You have the choice of going to your local dealer and paying too much or shopping with us. We do price match, but we are generally the cheapest anyway. Take a look in our system and pull out the discount price. You need to supply the system with your production year and motor size. It is this data that we will use to come up with the final MSRP.

Call us on the phone when you are ready to order. We will always answer your questions. Everything listed on this page is salvage condition. Nothing has been remanufactured or is an aftermarket component. Give us a couple of minutes of your time and we will save you money.

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