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Used Toyota Tacoma Rear Axle

The Tacoma by Toyota used many types of rear axle assemblies. Beginning in 1995, this pickup truck hit the American market by storm. Two-door and four-door cab designs were both good sellers. The use of ABS systems gave this pickup a boost in popularity. Using this website to order a used Toyota Tacoma rear axle is simple. Get started here.

4X2 Tacoma 60 Inch Axles

The rear assembly width is 60 inches. This was standard across the T100, Tundra and other vehicle types. The front shaft was an independent front differential or IFS. The measurement is typically 7.5. This can be replaced along with the used Toyota rear ends found here online. There are many gear ratios to be aware of when choosing an assembly.

The standard unit was always the 3.73. The size of the V6 motor and the production year had a lot to do with what ratio was installed. The 3.91, 4.10, 4.32 and 4.56 were all pretty common. Changing the gearing is one way to give an immediate boost in horsepower. The 8 inch pinion is what to match up on the 60 inch Tacoma axle. Mistakes will be eliminated this way.

ABS Compatible Tacoma Shafts

The anti-lock brake components were installed on most of the 1990s versions of the Tacoma pickup truck. The spline, for replacement purposes, can be a 27 or 30. Some of the trucks had an electronic lock differential while others were standard. When you compare dealers, take a look at the price difference for every SKU number.

Removing the rear differential is not the same process as replacing the axles. Yes, the gears are part of the entire product. The CV boot, bearings and seals are other things to consider while estimating how much a shaft will cost. Axle Guys has the full line of Toyota truck parts for sale relating to front or rear axle assemblies.

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As one of the few companies selling over the Internet, we have an established customer base. We ship in the USA and to Canada. This means anyone in Montreal, Quebec or other parts in the Northern Hemisphere can place orders. For everyone else, a price quote is the first thing to review before trying to buy.

A database that includes all parts in stock in attached to this page. Go inside of this system and begin to look around. You will need to give us your Tacoma engine type, transmission and manufacturer year. This is the minimum data to compare our costs. A warranty is a decent incentive that we supply. Call us with any questions. Before you check on Craigslist, review what we can do for you today.

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