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Toyota Supra Rear Axle

The Supra by Toyota was a USDM and JDM car that used a Torsen rear end. The axle shaft started out as a solid piece in the 1980s. The regular 6 bolt wheel flange was common on almost every vehicle produced. The limited slip differential is just one of many positives in this vehicle series. AxleGuys.com has a Toyota Supra rear axle assembly for sale on this website.

Supra Gear Ratios

Changing out the rear of your vehicle is quite a job. Even if you are unhappy with the stock gear ratio, you have to make the right decision for performance reasons. If you gear too low, you might be unhappy with the top end speed. Gearing something too high will not give you the immediate take off that you demand.

The used Toyota rear axles that we supply for performance vehicles will work with the following differential gear ratios:


In most vehicles, the 4.27 is the stock ratio to shoot for. The Torsen TRD on the regular 8 inch rear end is a typical set up. Because you are in charge of improving your own vehicle, you get the opportunity to apply whatever combination of replacement parts that you want.

Warranties for Shafts

We guarantee that you will receive a straight metal shaft. This could be one piece or two pieces. The model year will help us match what you need. Your full warranty is not dependent on paying extra money to receive coverage. The guarantee that we do provide at AxleGuys.com is one of the best that your money can buy.

More than one secondary source is used by our staff to find used Supra axles in the USA. We look all over the country to increase our daily stock. What you will never do is settle for a poor quality axle because you cannot find one in your local scrap yard. Always try us first.

Buy Used Toyota Rear Axles

The front axle and rear products that we retail are originals only. Nothing made by Cardone or other aftermarket companies exists. The Japanese and American version of the Supra can use the components you will find here. If you need a rear end, the complete package can be ordered. All of the bearings, shims and brake systems are in excellent condition.

Your price quote is customized just for you. Request in on this page or call us on the phone. One of our staff will do some last minute checks on your vehicle data. We will be 100 percent accurate when we tell you what you can install or what you cannot. You will have the option to order once we are through with the quote calculation.

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