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Toyota 4Runner Rear Axle

The 4Runner is one truck by Toyota supported for rear axle assemblies here. The Sports, SR5 and Limited trim editions can accept the components AxleGuys.com supplies. If you are doing work on the front or on the rear, it is quite simple to compare part numbers and axle codes while browsing our inventory. Get a Toyota 4Runner rear axle right from our warehouse cheap.

Toyota 8 Inch Rear End

Inside of your AWD or 4×4 pickup, you have two differential types. This depends on the actual size of the shaft and motor type. If your truck has air suspension, the gear ratio is probably not the same as the base model. Toyota used an 8 inch and 8.2 inch ring gear on the rear end. The actual size is 8.4 when measured, but factory manuals call it an 8.

The bolt cover has and likely will always be a 12. What does change from production year to production year is gear ratios. Maximizing the torque is something that must be done through various gear changes. The 4Runner and similar vehicles relied upon a few ratios.

Your differential should have one of the following gear ratios to work with the used Toyota axles we have in stock:


The regular 6 bolt brake assembly should be taken off prior to swapping the axle. The 30 spline is the stock size of the rear assembly. Being sure to match this data before trying to order will result in you being a happy customer upon delivery.

Used 4Runner Parts Coverage

When you order something in second hand condition, you probably want it to last a while. It is no different than buying a brand new part at a dealership. For your money, you require that the life span of the component be long enough for you to get your investment back. AxleGuys.com feels that same way when it comes to consumer confidence.

Your warranty will cover and guarantee that you axle will work correctly. There are no factory defects or problems experienced once we warehouse the unit. Should something happen during your ownership, it is likely that the policy we put into action will help you out.

Buy Used Toyota Axle Assemblies

Take a look at our prices and then decide if you will buy. Those are the only types of decisions you need to make. You can forget about Craigslist or similar sites. Those will surely waste your time and money. We are a real company that has a real service department. Customers order nationally as well as in Canada. The grinding noises, squeaking and leaking fluid that might be in part of your current rear end assembly need to be fixed. We will help you do it.

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