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T100 Rear Axle for Sale

Your T100 truck from Toyota can be made better with a used rear axle shaft. Even if you never swap the front CV axle, you should pay attention to the rear assembly. The base, DLX, DX and SR5 utilized very similar components inside. If this is your first time trying to buy Toyota parts online, you can get a T100 rear axle for sale in our inventory here.

T100 Half-Ton Axle Swap

Before you go and drop the rear end, you need to know what can be changed. It was very common for Toyota to manufacture a stock ring gear ratio. There were many trucks built from 1986 to 1995 that had only one size. The 3.77 is the base version, but you are not limited to just this type. If your truck has ABS or disc brakes, the chance of the differential being the same is slim.

The semi-float rear axle assembly in T100 pickup trucks works better with the 6-cylinder engines. The 4×2 power level is maintained that way. A regular shaft that is built from carbon steel measures about 32.08 inches. With the brakes applied, the complete rear end measures 66.75.

T100 Ring Gear Ratios

You can and should change out your ring gear. The sizing of your tires will come into play though. You cannot put huge tires on the left or right side without compromising the truck stability. In all models, the 6×5.5 lug pattern is found.

Axle Guys supports the following differential gears for Toyota trucks:


The size of the ring gear is marketed as an 8.4. This means 8.25 in measurement terms. In reality, the size only measures 8 inches. The standard spline thread is 30 that you will be working with. Once you get this information down, you can proceed with a T100 rear axle swap to your liking.

Buy Used T100 Rear Axles

People come here to become informed and to check our sticker prices. When eBay is your only option, you are missing out on a lot of products. There are some good yards that supply preowned parts, but the warranty is always small or non-existent. Not only will you get the proper protection from our company, we validate the straightness of our shafts.

You will be able to review pricing here when you look inside our computer application. We built this for people who use regular computers and smartphones or tablets. All people get to find out how cheap we are when comparing us to a local scrap yard. The variety of used Toyota axles and parts like differential gears and bearings is hard to beat. Call us by phone when you are ready to start your order.

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