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Subaru Rear Differential for Sale

Nearly all Subaru vehicles offer an AWD rear differential system. Sale prices for replacement parts are not so easy to find. A dealership could have the unit that you need, but you will pay a higher price to get it. The locking center differential system on most vehicles is not cheap to replace. AxleGuys.com has a used Subaru rear differential for sale from this parts portal.

Gear Ratios for Subaru

The motor and the transmission in your vehicle each play a role in the torque you receive. Power distribution to the rear of your vehicle only happens when all parts are working together. If you gear too high, you will not get the fast acceleration that you desire. There are many configurations of gear ratios in a Subaru differential.

The following assemblies are available to order from our website:

What you see here is not the most complete listing. There are several ratios that have been left off. This is just to provide a reference point to an auto mechanic or other person who is researching components available. The axle shaft must be straight before you try to install the replacement Subaru differential.

Used Subaru Parts in Stock

The complete rear end, bearings, bushings and other essentials are needed for a properly working rear axle. The weight that shifts from each tire is partially supported by the shaft. A carrier arm that breaks is the first sign that weight is dragging on your vehicle. It is entirely safe to acquire used AWD components.

We support the following vehicle brands in our used axles and differentials inventory:

Legacy Wagon

You will not need to provide us with your VIN number. We can use that, and it is helpful, although we go by model year most of the time. We can tell if your vehicle is setup for a manual or automatic transmission. That is the first level of reference that we go by.

Buy Used Subaru Differentials Here

What we sell comes from a quality junk yard in North America. We always ship to Canada. The reduced sticker pricing that we showcase is available to any buyer. You do not need to ask for a wholesale price list or other special dealer pricing. Everyone from mechanics to owners of Subaru automobiles shop here for second hand drivetrain parts.

We give you a quote on this page if you request it. Let our application begin the procedure of customizing your price. After you review the information, you can call us on the phone. It is so easy to order and to research here. You will never again get burned by an auction seller that delivers a rusted out gear set to you.

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