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Sierra Rear Axle for Sale

The Sierra by Chevy has the same rear axle setup as the Silverado. Both were for sale with four different gear ratios. This reason behind this was changes made to the engine and transmissions. With a standard 10 bolt or 12 bolt cover, the lug count can vary based on the manufacturer year. If you are searching for GMC truck parts, look no further than Axle Guys. We have a Sierra rear axle for sale in used condition here.

Sierra Limited Slip Diff

Some models of pickup trucks at General Motors were limited slip differentials. The 8.6 ring and pinion or 9.5 are the common sizes to find. The advantage of changing the gear ratio has a lot to do with the towing capacity. The smallest ratio in use is the 3.08. This is mainly for highway use and not for hauling. The 3.23, 3.42 and 3.73 are the more powerful gears.

If there is any noise coming from the Sierra rear end, it might mean signs of a potential problem. Often times someone just tries to replace the shaft. A vibration during transport or squeaking noises are causes of gear problems. Fluid might be leaking from the 10 bolt cover.

Replacement Axle Assemblies

All of the medium-duty and heavy-duty pickup trucks that GM retails in the USA are supported by our parts. These are factory firsts. These are not aftermarket. What we do is contract with dismantling agents. These workers successfully take out the rear and half shaft without damaging them. It is only then that they make it into our warehouse.
Truck owners know that finding excellent parts can be expensive. Just going into a GMC dealership can be frustrating. The high cost of an OEM part is one reason people try to avoid going through non-warranty labor. What we provide here is a cheaper way to get a replacement GMC axle assembly.

Buy Rear Axles for GMC Sierra

You do not need the RPO codes in order to search our General Motors parts. Our computer already knows what to display. What you are asked to give us in your truck year, motor size and transmission type. This is usually enough data to get started. Our system can even double check all of the digits in a VIN number. No one pays MSRP here. Just discounted sticker prices.

A professional will take your call when you dial by phone. No excessive selling tactics are utilized. We understand that some people just price check between retailers. This procedure is a normal part of being a truck owner in the 21st century. Buyers here always get the right service and the best price fast. There are no catalogs or auction listings to sort through.

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