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S10 8.5 Rear End for Sale

The S10 truck by Chevy used an 8.5 rear end beginning in 1995. The standard 10 bolt cover is typical on these units. The spline should be 30 on an OEM model. The installation of this assembly took place until 2003. The Blazer continued until 2005. Axle Guys is the second hand provider of a S10 8.5 rear end for sale at an affordable price tag.

Disc Brake Type Rear End

Through the 1998 year, GM was still installation disc brakes on its vehicles. The shaft of the 8.5 is setup for use with the disc type system. There are some variations of the rear differential for Chevy 10 vehicles. The 8.62 size is not the same as the standard units. The main difference is the size of the carrier bearings. This should be noted prior to buying one.

What the majority of people want is a complete rear end. This means everything is included. The bearings, shaft, seals and internal gears are part of the unit. The best way to obtain these is to order direct from a wholesaler. We do even better. The used S10 rear end for sale here is a certified version from a junk yard.

Used Chevy Rear End Parts

The complete unit is what is on this page for retail sale. We do, however, sell the components too. Anything that goes onto the axle assembly can be ordered. Not all people are removing the differential. It is normal to just purchase the parts needed to fix up an older product.

Benefiting from a warranty is a good thing. There are some shady sellers on the Internet. It is pretty typical to not get wait you paid for. It is also typical to get a verbal guarantee. All of the Chevy S10 rear axle for sale inventory is protected. The labor is usually not covered, but cost of the full replacement is.

Differential RPO Code Lookup

We perform matching for customers. Our system already knows which products are in stock. It is not essential to give us your VIN number. We also do not need the RPO codes. There were only a few gear ratio types for the 8.5. You will not have to ask what rear end fits into an S10 truck or blazer. The identification process is very quick. We are able to arrange the discount price plus any related shipping charges to domestic locations.

Buy Replacement Chevy S10 Rear Axles

All prices are current as of the day they are prepared here online. The quote tool has a marker number that is meant to establish a valid price for a consumer. This number can be utilized should someone order by phone or on the web. Dealers seeking wholesale cost data or other information are welcome to use our site. Call the phone number listed to make an inquiry or to ask essential questions.

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