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Used Rear Differential Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler built by Jeep used an 8.5 ring gear for its rear differential assembly. The axle could be a Dana 44 or a 35 type. These two sizes represent most standard installations. The diff was either setup for non-locking or it might be a Tru-Lok design. To identify which assembly you have, you have to validate the size of the bolt cover. You can buy a used differential for Jeep Wrangler vehicles here online.

ABS or Disc Brake Rear End

Jeep motor vehicles had more than one type of braking system applied during manufacturing. The anti-lock brakes made their way into production after 1990. The older disc and newer disc versions were each common. The Hexagon or round bolt cover will inform you of what the Wrangler differential size is that should be swapped out.

For off-road use, the early gear ratios were much lower. It is common to bend the front or rear axle when too much force is placed on the shaft. You can buy tubes to fit over these to enforce the durability although that is a personal choice. Whether you need the entire rear end or just a shaft, Axle Guys will come through for you.

Jeep Differential Gear Ratios

The adaptation to Chrysler transmissions is one element sometimes forgotten when ordering replacement parts. The automatic four-speed that is known for its placement into Wrangler Jeep vehicles is designed to improve the overall 4×4 traction. When you set your gear ratio too high, it could interfere with regular usage of the gearbox.

We support the following gear ratios for all Jeep Wrangler differentials that we sell:


When the model year increases, so does the ratio. This likely was intentional by Chrysler. As more people began using vehicles off-road, more low end torque was required. Once you know the pinion, ring and shaft size, you are ready to gear up your Wrangler differently.

TJ and YJ Axle Accessories

Some of the rear assemblies were limited slip. After the production year of 1997, modified rear ends were installed. Yes, you can buy an aftermarket aluminum shaft if you need one. The problem with this approach is that no component has a guaranteed life span. You can save a few dollars when compared to a dealership MSRP, but the risk is not worth it.

Buy Jeep Differentials Online

The Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and other trim versions use many of the same undercarriage parts. It helps to double check the axle stamp and codes before taking the plunge and placing orders. Our knowledgeable employees conduct research on behalf of buyers on a daily basis. It is normal if you do not know what to buy. We will help.

A price quote for used Jeep rear axles or differential assemblies is available here. You might need to pick up some bearings and other products too. We can speak with you on the phone to ensure you are picking out the right stock. The full price plus our factory warranty is explained in detail by phone. Try us out right now. You will never find a better price elsewhere.

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