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Rear Differential Jeep Patriot

The Patriot by Jeep used the same rear differential as the Cherokee and other trim builds. The Dana 35 is a common shaft that is installed as an OEM model. You can, as an owner, play with the sizing a bit. There are aftermarket or factory units that you can install. AxleGuys.com supplies a used rear differential for Jeep Patriot vehicles for a cheaper price.

Jeep ABS Rear End

The anti-lock brake system works together with the Freedom Drive 4×4 setup. The full rear end of a Patriot Jeep will have an ABS system. Electronic controls are available due to the larger 103.7 wheel base. The automatic transmission combined with the 2.0 liter or 2.4 liter engine is responsible for the overall torque that you receive.

The final gear ratio that you select will depend on your own needs. The 3.77 is a common gear although some people do go for a higher range. If you want more torque over the long run, go for the higher gear ratio. The smaller stock ratio will give you plenty of power at initial pull off, but it will eventually fade.

Used Differential Parts

The wheel bearings, shims and needed accessories are in our warehouse to ship. Some companies are glad to just sell you a fairly strait axle. This is not a complete rear differential. When you select your ratio, making sure that you are are getting a Dana 35 is important. Too many people are disappointed when buying from scrap yards when they find out parts will not match up.

The preowned 4×4 differential components we have here at AxleGuys.com are fully checked out. A member of our staff immediately looks for bends, warping and other tell-tale signs of damage. Once this work is completed, we take products into our storage warehouse to route to consumers after they order.

Buy Jeep Patriot Differentials

Any model year of Chrysler made vehicles is found in our computer. We built an Internet based application where people can find our sale prices, mileage and delivery details. Use this as the first level of entry to our sticker prices. Once you make a few selections, your price will be presented and you can choose to buy or not. You do get a warranty at all times. This document is perhaps the most important piece of paper you will ever get with a shipment.

Call us on the phone when you would like to order. It is at this point where people like to ask us questions. You can find out when we will ship and when you can expect your delivery. The terms of warranty are always clearly defined. You never worry about getting ripped off here. Our employees love four-wheel drive vehicles and we know how to help you.

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