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Rear Differential for Honda Ridgeline

The Ridgeline by Honda uses a VTM-4 AWD system combined with its rear differential. Some call the vehicle a mid-size pickup while others refer to it as a sport utility truck (SUT). The 3.5 liter V6 motor inside works well with both the 5-speed automatic and 6-speed transmissions. At some point or another, someone will have to replace the rear differential for Honda Ridgeline vehicles. Buy these assemblies here at AxleGuys.com.

Wet Clutch Pack Differential

Honda revised its 4×4 and all-wheel drive offerings in the year 2016. Moving away from mechanical parts and going towards electronic components is the new norm. The Variable Traction Management system uses wet clutch packs for the differential. This is a new way to distribute the correct amount of torque to the driver or passenger side wheels.

The Sport, RT and RTS trim versions each have the same rear end system installed. No transfer case is hooked up to the transmission. Through usage of solenoids, more control is given to truck owners with the flip of a switch instead of through bearings and shims.

Honda Ridgeline Axle Replacement

You can swap out your bent or defective Ridgeline axle in the rear of your vehicle. You have to raise the vehicle up first. The brakes always have to been removed as well as each wheel. The shaft is a two piece assembly for the left and the right side. You will notice the clutch pack differential system in the center of the shaft.

The rear end assembly comes with all needed components. Should you just need the shaft, you can order one of these separately. The steel construction of the parts lets you know that you will get a long useful life out of them. Axle Guys does not retail aftermarket or rebuilt rear ends for Honda automobiles.

Buy Honda Rear Differential Parts

Do you need a used axle? Do you need the extra parts? Make your decision through the assistance of our warehouse computer. Input the production year of your Honda truck and select the size of your engine. We need this data to match up the gear ratio and length of the rear axle. We will tell you after this process is complete what the selling price will be.

We take customer service calls each day. People across the U.S. and into Canada make calls to our team. Not every caller is a parts expert especially when dealing with import components. We give you the specs, we talk about the warranty and we schedule shipments. It is so easy to order. If you are used to buying on the web from other places, you are most likely paying way too much for used Honda axles.

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