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Rear Differential for GMC Sierra

GM built its GMC truck with several rear differential options for consumers. The best gear choices are left up to the needs and wants of truck owners. The stock ratio has always been 3.08 on the ¾ ton versions. A person who needs replacement parts can shop here at AxleGuys.com for a used rear differential for GMC Sierra pickups.

Sierra 10 Bolt Cover

The cover is most likely 10 bolts that houses the differential gears. General Motors kept the sizing uniform on the Silverado and the Sierra brands. The spline gear comes from the factory as a 30 thread unit. The ring and pinion are only one size at 8.62. This is not the same as the 8.50 that was popular in earlier versions of GM manufactured trucks.

It is the gear ratio that sets performance apart in vehicles. Since you know the stock ratio, you can make changes based on your needs. The automatic transmission and Vortec engine block were tooled to complement the differential ratios. The assemblies we have in stock that are provided to you include the following ratios:


Any time that gearing is changed, fluid must also be changed. You have to use the right oil to lubricate the ring and pinion setup. Skipping this step can be a mistake. Grinding of gears and chipping of metal are two things that lead any truck owner to a premature rear end swap.

GMC Truck Parts Warranties

When ordering a brand new item, the manufacturer generally includes a term of warranty coverage. In terms of aftermarket products or rebuilds, this time period will usually change. What consumers receive ordering from our website is a good period of protection. Since what you will order comes out of the ¾ ton and one-ton trucks, you are getting the right assemblies.

This is given to you with no additional costs attached. The months of coverage that is provided in our documented policies will set your mind free. No one can remove all of the rust patterns that evolve on used components, but the quality is well above the national average. Installations are much easier when a used differential has a warranty with it.

Buy Sierra Truck Axle Parts

The original shaft, bearings, shims and other needed accessories are also in our warehouse to purchase. You can find all of what you require. You do not have to go to a pull-a-part company that is out of your immediate location to get Sierra truck parts. Shop on this website right now.

Place a call to our experts or request your quote. Nothing we do is secret. We inform you of our price, how long warranties last and how fast we ship out to you. Buyers depend on our team and we pull through. Known freight carriers transport our used GMC axles and differentials to the public.

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