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Rear Axle for Chevy Tracker

The Tracker by Chevy has a strong rear axle assembly. The differential was built with more than one gear ratio by GM. This allowed the maximum torque while not sacrificing the rotations of the wheels. A person going through the removal of this unit should know how to order a replacement. AxleGuys.com has a used rear axle for Chevy Tracker SUVs in stock.

Specs for the Tracker Axle Shaft

The size of the ring gear will affect the differential. The smaller size of the GEO and Chevrolet version of the Tracker made it compatible with the 6.9 ring gear. A person who needs the shaft but also needs this data will find it here. The number of threads on the spline also matter. The stock OEM assembly has a 26 thread count.

It does not matter if the manual transmission or automatic transmission is installed. Someone getting ready to do a swap will incorporate just a single size of rear axle. The gear ratios for the differential are what can be improved. There is a 5×5 bolt pattern on the rear end. This is the type of stuff that a non-reputable mechanic will not tell you.

Chevrolet Tracker Gear Ratios

Only the 1.6L engine was the main source of power in smaller GM sport utility vehicles. Most of the late model builds had anti-lock brakes installed. The bearing is solid and the seal protects leaking through the housing. Changing out the carrier assembly can be performed with just a few tools on hand.

Common gear ratios inside of the Chevy Tracker are as follows:


The left and right side of the shaft have to have the same ratio. This list is not complete although the data represents very common setups. The real thing to watch out for is to make sure that there is no bending or warping going on with a used Tracker rear axle assembly.

Replacement Chevy Axle Parts

You always get a warranty plan while shopping at Axle Guys. We know what it is like trying to find outdated components. We guarantee a lot of things during a routine order. The first is the quality of the carrier. Our team inspects product prior to and leading up to the final shipment. No component no matter how small they are will be damaged.

People find out about our pricing by trying out our quote system. It is a new way to supply immediate details about what anyone can order. No factory part numbers or RPO codes are ever needed for what we have in stock. The computer does its thing on your behalf. Dialing our phone number for support is good too. We speak one-on-one with consumers and owners of service centers. Do not fear junk yard parts for your Tracker SUV.

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