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Quadrasteer Rear Axle for Sale

GM briefly experimented with Quadrasteer for its rear axle assembly from 2002 to 2005. This shaft is a semi-float model that uses c clips for attachment. There is a front CV joint that is separate from the left and right rear assembly. If you are searching for a Quadrasteer rear axle for sale, AxleGuys.com has you covered completely. Our inventory is preowned.

12 Bolt Cover Design

GM is known for putting its 10 bolt cover onto its full-size pickup trucks and SUVs. With the adoption of the Quadrasteer technology, the size of the cover had to change. The differential has a 12 bolt cover. This is identified by counting the number of bolts on the faceplate. The differential is connected to a Dana 60 rear axle assembly.

The frequency of oil changes is up for debate in the 4×4 vehicles. Some people say that you can go well over the 15,000 mile mark. A good mechanic will probably agree that you should always stay below 20,000 miles when you need to change your differential oil. It is recommended to use a variant of the 75W/90 type.

Quadrasteer Ring Gears

What size is the ring gear in the Quadrasteer system? The answer is 9.75. This was the only unit of measurement that was available. The gears were fixed at either 4.10 or 4.56. Because General Motors only used this system for three production years, it was not very popular with consumers. There are however millions of vehicle owners who need to buy replacement components.

It can be a bit harder to change the torque ratio in your GM vehicle. Even though you have full support of the 4WD, some people just want more power. It is always a great decision to replace the rear axle with a Dana 60 original or aftermarket product. The best use will come out out of the factory originals like what we retail here.

Rear Axle Assemblies for Quadrasteer

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