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Plymouth Rear Axle for Sale

Most Plymouth automobiles used two general types of rear axles when for sale to the public. The Mopar division was known for having the 8.75 rear ends in performance vehicles. In the 1980s, Chrysler changed over to an 8.25 type. Depending on your vehicle, you might need to shop around to get quality parts. You can get a Plymouth rear axle for sale here at AxleGuys.com.

Identify Your Bolt Cover

Do you have a 10 bolt cover? Do you have a 12 bolt cover? You have to know which is which before you try to swap out the shaft. Chrysler used both sizes. The engine and transmission were two things that were considered when development of vehicles was engaged. Once you know what you are working with, the differential should be the next thing identified.

Traction locking a.k.a limited slip differentials were popular in the 1970s. Getting all of the torque that your vehicle can produce means no slipping at the rear wheels. The Mopar generation of vehicle lovers understands the need for a locking mechanism. If you have an LSD on your vehicle, choose the gear ratio wisely.

Plymouth Parts Warranty

Do you know how long your components will last? If you buy on auction portals, you are lucky to get a 30-day guarantee. Even though AxleGuys.com has its roots in junk yards, we still have high standards of quality. We have the final authority to accept or deny used Plymouth rear axles that we find in the USA.

What we do is couple a warranty plan at the point of sale for a buyer. The term is explained. The guarantee that is provided is that each shaft is straight. It has been reviewed and closely examined. Our shipment team even makes one last review before a package is prepared. Activate your coverage after ordering to get your protection plan.

Buy Used Plymouth Axles

You might want just the front shaft. You might need only the rear. Are you should you need a complete rear end? Let us assist you during your research phase. On this page, you will find all of our sticker pricing and details. The products that we warehouse are tagged and receive a grade report. Our team knows the condition. Consumers must be happy or we are not happy.

Look at our discounts through the computer here. Input your make or model and then the factory year. Our system is smart enough to match up the OEM configurations. When you are given the discount, you will be able to call us and place your order. It is that easy to do. Questions are always routed swiftly to our customer service department.

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