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Oldsmobile Bravada Rear Axle

Oldsmobile Bravada sport utility vehicles used three axle shaft types for the rear starting in 1991. All of these units can be identified by using the right RPO code by General Motors. Since there were only three gear ratios available, it is not too hard to match up what you require when you want to swap your assembly. AxleGuys.com has an Oldsmobile Bravada rear axle shaft that will perfectly fit your vehicle.

Bravada Gear Ratios

The light-duty vehicle manufacturing that GM participated in until the 2004 year was standardized with similar parts. Most of the vehicles were using either a 4.3 liter V6 or a 4.2 liter engine. A common element of the production process was the use a basic four-speed automatic transmission as part of the transfer case and rear differential package.

The ratios for the ring gear were as follows in the Bravada SUV:


The numbers themselves can be categorized by the regular production option code that is affixed right on the left and right side shaft. The following codes to identify the Oldsmobile Bravada rear axle assembly include:


The parts are very specific although were installed on Buick and Chevy brands too. The differential is a locking type that may or may not have ABS on the shaft. Ordering a complete Oldsmobile rear end is what you would ask for when you need to swap the entire rear assembly.

The ring gear sizes that fit the stock differential for Bravada vehicles includes:


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