NP208 Transfer Case for Sale

New Process built the NP208 case assembly in 1981. It was for sale in General Motors, Ford and Dodge motor vehicles. It does use a chain drive system unlike some of the newer models being produced today. Even with its dual yoke capacity, this assembly has a love-hate relationship with many vehicle owners. Get an…

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NP241 Transfer Case for Sale

The NP241 is a two-speed transfer case made for sale in Dodge, Jeep and Chevy vehicles. This model is a mechanical or automatic shift design that features a slip rear yoke. The chain drive system is common for most of the 4×4 enabled components. The casing is constructed of aluminum. Get an NP241 transfer case…

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NP271 Transfer Case for Sale

The transfer case known as the NP271 was for sale in Dodge and Ford vehicles. The F250 pickup as well as the bigger F-Series utilized the part-time and 4WD options that the New Process units offered. The Ram pickup truck was another vehicle that greatly benefited from the precision. You can find an NP271 transfer…

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