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Nissan 240SX Rear Axle

The 240SX by Nissan had a strong axle assembly in the rear of the vehicle. A limited slip differential was a stock option on some vehicles. The type selected was dependent on the transmission type that was installed. The FR chassis type of vehicles each shared common components during the manufacturing phase. If you are looking for a Nissan 240SX rear axle, you are visiting the right website here.

The motor size in the sports car class starting in 1989 at Nissan was the 2.4 liter. There were two variations of the KA24D block. The axle assembly on the 240SX is what is known as a haft shaft. This is an automotive engineering concept that involves a left side and a right side rear axle. It is far more common than some car owners might think.

Five Bolt ABS Axle

Anti-lock brakes came standard on all vehicles after the 1990 year. The five bolt pattern is what a person will find on the 240SX rear differential. The gearing could be modified if someone would like to achieve more torque. The final drive ratio depends on the five-speed or four-speed transmission assembly.

The driver side or passenger side components that you will locate here are not just for the rear. The front CV shaft is also something that is retailed. Mounting bolts will be required to secure each assembly to the wheels. You can find the bearings and other components using our locator computer.

240SX Axle Swap

Your JDM car requires machine crafted components. The OEM manufacturing that Nissan undertakes to provide the public with quality parts is amazing. As a consumer or mechanic, you are free to install what you prefer in a working vehicle. In our opinion as specialists, it always pays off to procure used Nissan axles since the price is usually lower.

The swap that you conduct should be priced and estimated correctly. We installed a quote type tool that all consumers can enter on this page. It is the information extracted using this type of system that makes calculating the price of a 240SX axle swap simpler.

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Our best used condition inventory price is what you receive. There is more than one yard that we introduce you to through this page. These yards make SKU numbers and what is available to ship available to browse. Forget going to your hometown auto parts store. The chance of finding a Japanese Domestic Market product is very low. You can call our customer department and order once you have reviewed the details of your price quote here.

The warranty that secondary resources provide will explain all of the terms of sale. Anything you do not understand should be clarified prior to placing your web or phone order.

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