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Mercury Grand Marquis Rear Axle

The Grand Marquis is one Mercury car that used two rear axle assemblies. These were for sale during the late 1990s to the early 2000s. The ratios of the differential were not standard either. Someone who will identify replacement components must have the right axle code. Here at AxleGuys.com, you can find a Mercury Grand Marquis rear axle shaft online.

C8 and 58 Axles

Consumers might not be aware that these Mercury vehicles were built in Canada. There were two common codes to identity the rear axles. The most common is the C8 code. This shaft size has a 28 spline. The second type is the code 58. One is used for disc brakes and the other is setup for ABS and limited slip differentials. This was standard on the GS and LS trim cars.

Each vehicle has a 5 lug axle that hooks into the rear end. There was no variation on the design. If you need to swap the Grand Marquis rear end, the brake calipers might not be included in the product price. This should be double checked through our portal. All of the drivetrain parts were created to work with the 4.6 liter V8 engine.

Differential Gear Ratios

Ford did install limited slip and non-limited slip differentials inside of its Mercury vehicles. Most of what people try to find has the production year of 1985 or newer. The regular 8.8 ring gear is what you will find if you open up the differential case.

You must select your stock or upgraded gear ratio to pair up the right rear axle shaft. On this website, you will find compatibility with the following Grand Marquis cars:


A transmission plays an integral role in how high or low the gears are rated. If you want more low end torque, you can choose the highest level of the ratios available. The only thing you are bound by is making sure that all gears and pinions fit correctly on the stock rear end.

Prices for Used Mercury Axles

The Crown Victoria and the Marquis vehicles are supported in our used axle inventory here. We keep building up the parts types that regular consumers can order. We also sell direct, at a discount price, to mechanics and service facilities in North America. The bearings and other components are also things that we stock in our online database.

You can pull out a price while you shop here due to our database connection. Anything we have entered into our warehouse is available to search. The MSRP is heavily discounted because we only deal with used automotive parts. Our telephone number to order or ask us questions is supplied to you on this page.

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