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Mazda Navajo Rear Axle

Navajo by Mazda was an SUV that used the same axle in the rear as the Explorer. This was carried through all production models of the base, LX and DX trim. The slight difference between assemblies was the type of brakes that were installed. Here at AxleGuys.com, you can buy a Mazda Navajo rear axle assembly at a low web price.

8.8 Rear End Compatible

If you are ready to drop the rear end, you may or may not know that the Navajo uses the 8.8 type. This model is known as the stock production shaft on SUV and truck vehicles at Ford. All units come with a 31 spline. Before you put on the left or right side shaft, you should validate that you are in fact dealing with the regular size assemblies.

While the shaft should be identical, you might have older or newer brakes installed. It was not until 1993 that Mazda started installing (ABS) anti-lock brakes on its RWD vehicles. If you do not have the ABS sensor, this means you have regular disc brakes. It helps to check the lug pattern to ensure all things match up on the new shaft with a 1.32 inch diameter.

Limited Slip Differential

Most of the Navajo vehicles were sold with the limited slip differential. The only models that do not have this setup are the manual transmission versions. The gear ratio is much lower on these units because of the lack of both wheels spinning during transport. In all, the 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994 production years were very strong and had dedicated components.

You should check your stock gear ratio before you install any axle in the rear of your SUV. You need to be sure that what you are gearing to is something that is acceptable on your vehicle. Mazda purchased its vehicles direct from Ford and made some modifications. It is almost 100 percent identical to the Explorer except for a few key parts.

Buy Used Mazda Axles

The truck and medium-duty off-road vehicle axle assemblies that you will find here are in preowned condition. These are provided by junk yards and pick-a-part partners. We do our best to verify what mileage is already on the shaft prior to acquiring one for retail sale. This protects our consumers along with the regular warranty coverage we offer.

Your price is calculated when you supply our computer system with your vehicle model year. An immediate match is made against our list of VIN numbers that we utilize. The MSRP is then discounted that shows our reduced sticker prices. You will explore the data we send to you and then you will be able to call our company to order. Never buy Mazda aftermarket parts if you do not have to.

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