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Mazda B2200 Rear Axle

The B2200 Mazda pickup truck had a 440 wheel base with its rear axle shaft. There were only two options for the ring and pinion gear. Many of the parts that were found inside the Ford Ranger were just recycled for the B-Series trucks. Axle Guys has a Mazda B2200 rear axle at a sale price on this website.

Mazda built its pickup truck series in several trim packages. The base, SE5 and LX were offered in the United States. The differential is not limited slip. The reason for this is that the trucks were only 2WD. Any consumer should be able to locate the original stock shaft when sorting through our inventory.

B2200 Differential Gears

The 1986 to 1993 vehicles had 11 teeth on the pinion and 43 on the ring gear. This was considered the last ‘good’ ratio available. This resulted in a 3.91 rear end. In previous years, Mazda was using the 3.31 design. If you need to swap the differential too, the disc brakes are always included on a complete assembly.

The shaft of the axle comes in two sections. You have to order the left driver side and the right passenger side. Unlike the F-Series trucks, the shaft is not a composite solid metal. Each side links onto the brakes and is then attached as one unit.

Mazda Parts Warranty Policy

What we sell here at AxleGuys.com is preowned parts. Our scrap yard connections throughout the country provide us with excellent condition components. These are taken right off of each truck and then they are examined. Each member of our warehouse team reviews the condition and grades the values in our computer.

The warranty term is determined by the age of the used Mazda rear axle. You will get the best protection from this plan. Your only other option is to shop on other portals to find a comparable assembly. Part of our stock guarantee is that the shaft is always straight.

Buy Used Mazda Rear Axles

The B-Series trucks are just one type of vehicle we have inventory for on this page. All of the popular Mazda brands are what we are supporting for consumers. The price structures do not change too often, but our quote tool will always lock in your sale price. You can rest assured when shopping here that you will receive a first-rate experience.

Our staff can be called over the phone when you want to order. Since you are under no obligation, you can ask us whatever you want. It is essential that consumers are educated about the preowned inventory that we supply. Do not underestimate second hand rear ends for your Mazda B2200 truck. Begin your search and comparison here.

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