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Lincoln Navigator Rear Axle

Navigator is a Lincoln SUV that used two rear axle shafts since 1998. The infamous 8.8 ring gear as well as the stock 9.75 were linked to the this full-size sport utility vehicle. Ford’s U Platform and T1 Platform provided the perfect fit for a larger motor that provided more torque. Here at Axle Guys online, find a Lincoln Navigator rear axle with a low price.

Navigator Gear Ratios

The axle is connected to the differential assembly in all 4×4 vehicles. The gears inside of the plate cover are what provide your power level. The smallest ratio that was tested with the Navigator was 3.31. The 31 spline shaft was common to find on these types of vehicles.

The next step up is the 3.73 ratio. This type was geared for the 5.4 liter V8 motor block. It has become the standard installation for a number of production years. The 34 spline can be found on vehicles geared with this ratio. In the past couple of years, Ford Motor Company has started to increase the rear differential ratio. It is now 4.10 in late model builds.

If you are swapping out the axle assembly, you will have to remove each wheel on the rear left and rear right side. There is a 5 bolt pattern on each side. This also hides the ABS braking system. You will find that the IRS or independent rear suspension is installed on most Lincoln Navigators.

Used Lincoln Rear End

Your repair job might include each side of the shaft and the differential gear. When you have this type of work that needs completed, what you are doing is dropping the rear end. It is quite a big job that is not always completed in one day. Automotive mechanics usually charge about $1000 per side of the axle.

AxleGuys.com provides used Lincoln axle assemblies that come from junk or salvage dealers. What we do is examine all of the products we have on hand. This creates a better scenario for a consumer who might have second thoughts about the strength of a preowned shaft. Our trusted staff will work very close with you to accurately describe parts condition.

Buy Lincoln Navigator Axles

The full-size SUV has a large gross vehicle weight. You need a dependable assembly to help carry the weight and distribute the power to the wheels. You can order straight from us and actually save some of your cash. We do give you warranty protection when you order is complete. On this page, you will get to use our inventory and quote finder. Type in the data that corresponds to your vehicle and our tools do the rest of the work.

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